About Us

TalkingTree Productions is a full-service video production company and the production arm of TalkingTree Creative. We specialize in creating memorable experiences that leave lasting impressions on your clients onscreen and online. We combine our knowledge of the creative arts with our skills in online marketing to craft productions that enhance your brand and engage your demographic.

Our company began as a musical production company more than 25 years ago. Joined together by our love for the arts, our key staff members have collectively written and performed radio jingles, TV commercials, and have performed in prime time. Driven by our success in entertainment, we began producing radio and TV spots for other companies.

Today, we harness our creative talents and our extensive knowledge of production to craft video messaging for every industry imaginable. We love a challenge and leave work every day knowing that we’ve made a difference in someone else’s life through our powerful storytelling. At TalkingTree Productions, we pride ourselves on being leaders in the video production field, infusing every piece with creativity. Our dedication to the art of video sets us apart from the competition, as we approach every project with the intent to tell your unique story. Let us help you engage with your clients and add value to your relationships. Get started on your video project today.